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RBR manufactures CTDs and other sensors for integration in profiling floats, gliders, and other devices.  These instruments are designed for very low power, high reliability, measurement accuracy, and ease-of-integration. Datasheets are available at https://rbr-global.com/oem

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RBRargo CTD publications

Static and Dynamic Performance of the RBRargo3 CTD

Sampling guidelines for onboard dynamic correction

Previously published papers

Accuracy and long-term stability assessment of inductive conductivity cell measurements on Argo floats

Long-term salinity stability assessment of the RBRargo CTD: CSIO float #29027030

Dynamic corrections for the RBRargo CTD 2000dbar

Long term stability of CSIRO TWR Apex 11 RBRargo CTD

Argo float WMO5906299: Analysis of fresh salinity anomalies

Onboard processing of dynamic corrections for the RBRargo3

Field Service Bulletins

Conductivity pressure correction for 2000dbar conductivity cell

Impacted RBRargo CTD S/N


RSKtools is a Matlab toolbox for working with SQLite databases generated by Ruskin, the RBR software. These use the file extension ".rsk".

Find out more here: https://rbr-global.com/support/matlab-tools

OEM instrument lookup

If you have purchased RBR instruments, the complete electronic record is available online (including calibration certificates). Please use the authentication key that was provided by RBR.